Award Winning Corporate Lawyer Pulls Back the Curtain to Reveal...

"How to Bullet Proof Your Business and Avoid Being Blind-Sided by Unseen Taxes, Potential Lawsuits, and Hidden Pitfalls" 

For less cost than two hours in a lawyer's office...

New Entrepreneur? Been up and running for a while? Do you realize what you are risking without the right contracts and business structure in place?

  • Thousands in taxes and fees - sometimes years after the fact...
  • Being the "fall guy" when things go sideways and somebody needs to take the blame...
  • Putting your clients' businesses at risk as well as your own...
  • Permanent damage to relationships with friends and family members...

Hi, I'm Faith Jones, a specialist in international corporate law, with a passion for entrepreneurship and small business.

Don't Risk Your Hopes and Dreams...

We entrepreneurs tend to be free spirits. Feeling like caged birds in the strict confines of the corporate world, many of us have broken free to follow our own path. We love the thrill of the hunt, the challenge of taking the road less traveled. But we're often babes in the woods when it comes to the hard realities of the business world.

There's a lot of truth in the old movie line, "It's a jungle out there!" Business survival is as much about not getting eaten as bringing home the big game. Whether it's that 900 pound gorilla called the IRS, the quicksand of our hopelessly complex legal system, or a poison dart striking from out of the blue, you've got to be smart and agile.

When real money is at stake, people can get nasty. The best of intentions can evaporate overnight when things go sideways. Friendships, even families can be broken up over financial mishaps. I see it all the time as a lawyer. 

We take enough risks as entrepreneurs. Why gamble your future when an "ounce of prevention" can save you from a taking a real pounding?

There is a Right Time and Place to Set Up the Right Structure for Your Business

A building is only as strong as its foundation. In our overly litigious society, a properly set up legal structure is essential to your long term survival. How, when and where you should do this will vary according to your individual situation. There is no cookie-cutter or "one-size-fits-all" approach.

There are a lot of things to consider when setting up your business legal structure, which is why "putting it off 'til later, when I have time to figure it out" is such a common (and foolish) strategy.

After all, what do you know about tax jurisdictions, LLC vs. Corporation, drafting contracts, and so on? How does a company protect you? How can you save on taxes? What is the smartest and most efficient way forward? 

Fortunately, You Don't Have to Figure It Out Alone, or Pay a Fortune for the Answers.

You've got four options when it comes to setting up your business legal structure. Which one is right for you?

Do It Yourself

Ask friends, or people in Facebook groups, Google it, use online services like Legal Zoom, etc.

Hire a Lawyer

Not just any lawyer, or your uncle, but one who is well versed in internet law as well as business.

Do Nothing

Put it off, wait until you "have time," deal with it when you get that phone call or letter...

The Foundation

Get the straight answers and guidance you need without wasting time or money.

Save Thousands in Taxes and Fees

Did you know you could legally pay up to 50% less in business taxes and yearly fees? Internet business revenues often have exponential growth – they can jump from a few hundred dollars trickling in to a tidal wave overnight. Are you prepared for when the big money starts pouring in along with… the tax bill?

While you can’t escape paying taxes entirely, there are legal ways to reduce them. Wouldn't you like to be crystal clear about your options so you can choose the best course and keep more of your hard-earned money? Letting your accountant handle it after the fact is just too late.

If you think you will get rich on luck alone, without planning for taxes, fees and other money sucks, you are trying to fill a leaky bucket. It is going to take a LOT longer to get there with 30-50% of your hard earned money going straight down the drain.

The key to building wealth is not just making more money, but keeping the money you make. Don’t pay more than you should in federal and state taxes, fees and penalties by selecting the wrong company type or jurisdiction

Do you know your state’s policy on “nexus” or what is considered “doing business” in a state?

What if five years from now, you get slammed with a tax bill for thousands of dollars in unpaid state taxes along with extensive penalties and interest, (including even higher fees for being a “foreign company”)? Hiring lawyers to defend you would tie up your time and resources for years. 

Making a small investment in securing your foundation is one of those decisions you'll look back on years from now and thank your lucky stars for.

Don't Get Blind-Sided by Rookie Mistakes

Do you know how to protect your business and personal assets? What if a litigious client sues you over an $11,000 contract? The legal fees in hiring an attorney and/or paying arbitrators, could be well over $20,000 (usually more), not counting your lost time.

Even if you win the case, you lose. Wouldn’t it be wise to significantly reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit in the first place? Knowing the proper provisions to put in your client contracts will greatly decrease your chances of being hit with a frivolous lawsuit.

Do you work with clients out of state? Defending a lawsuit from across the country is a real challenge. I know of people who have flown 2500 miles for a hearing, only to have it postponed after they arrive. (Expensive, but trivial compared to what can go wrong when you're the visiting team...)  

What if in the middle of creating a marketing campaign for a client’s seasonal product launch a sudden family emergency causes you to miss the deadline? The client paid you $5,000, but they estimate a loss of $50,000 in additional sales due to your delay, so they sue you for $55,000? Think it can't happen to you?

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars...”

“Wish I had known all this a few years ago. Just the information on contracts alone would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the time and stress. Talk about being blind-sided!

Anyone who has seen the dollar signs flash by with each tick of the clock in their lawyers office would run - not walk - to get this information."

Mike Broadwell
- Digital Marketing Strategist

Are You Better Off Investing a Little Today or

Paying Big Money Later ?

These scenarios are real examples of things that blindside entrepreneurs all the time. They can be avoided to a large degree with just a little upfront knowledge. 

Without good strategy, your only alternative is to rely on luck – not a wise course of action. 

My mom paid consultants to help her set up her business, and they didn't look out for her best interests. By not showing her the right time to set up her LLC, she ended up paying state taxes twice in seven months. That's just not good enough. This program is designed to give you as complete a picture as possible, so you can avoid the traps and pitfalls that can spring up at any time.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"She has saved my business millions of dollars... is worth her weight in gold. I don't know where I could ever find someone to replace her."

"Faith has been my corporate attorney for over 5 years and saved my business from countless headaches. She has exceeded my expectations time and again with her professionalism, knowledge and her ability to get to the heart of the matter and find a great solution. She knows how to ask the right questions and figures out what I really need (instead of what I think I need), then she delivers it.

She has saved my business millions of dollars and worked with me to structure deal after deal. I am continually impressed by her commitment taking my calls at any time and even working weekends to get our deals done. A good attorney who understands business is worth her weight in gold. I don't know where I could ever find someone to replace her."

Lian Liu, MD.
- CEO, PacGenomics

Move Ahead As a Confident Professional

You may be highly skilled in the service you want to offer, but are you signaling a lack of confidence, experience or professionalism?

Sophisticated business people are quick to pick up on whether a service provider is established or just starting out. Are you giving off the important signs of experience, professionalism and competence that give potential customers confidence that they will be in good hands?

A properly registered company 

Professional engagement letter or contract with comprehensive and clear terms

A well thought-out payment plan

If you don’t meet these basic expectations, alarm bells may sound, warning them away from you, even if they like you and want your product. 

Do you avoid reading through contracts you are signing, thinking, “I won't understand it anyway with all that lawyer-speak”? Have you ever grabbed a template contract off the web and given it to a client to sign without fully understanding it yourself? Did you know that most people enter into verbal agreements they don’t realize could be judged as legally binding contracts? Are you?

Imagine how confident you'll feel walking into your next client meeting with a professional, well-written contract in hand, knowing you've closed the loop-holes and nailed down your terms. You'll look and feel more competent, professional and fully prepared to handle any situation – an immediate massive advantage in winning the deal!

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Video Overview of the Course

Bullet Proof Your Business Fast...

Being "bullet proof" doesn't mean you can't get hit by a bomb, or a bus, or just drop dead one day of natural causes. (While we don't go into estate planning, it's another reason to properly structure your business.) You can only plan for so much in life, and this program is designed to help you do that quickly and efficiently.

I've been able to travel the world and live a life of adventure because I know how to manage risk in a way that provides a safe and solid foundation. It allows me to take maximum advantage of opportunities without putting myself in danger. That method is what I'll be sharing with you in the... 

No B.S. Business Structure

Business Law Course

  • Save on Current and Future Tax Liability and Penalties 
    Know which legal structure to choose, when and where to set it up for maximum tax advantages.
  • Protect Yourself from Potential Lawsuits and Take Downs
    Put together contracts and agreements that protect you from incompetent or unscrupulous clients, as well as unforeseen situations that can spring up. Avoid being blind-sided by a lawsuit or legal judgement that can completely take your business and even personal assets out.
  • Come Across as a Competent and Professional Business Owner
    Knowing you've done the best you can to protect your business and your client's and customer's best interests lets you move forward with confidence and stand out from your competition.

Module One: The Ins and Outs of Contracts

How do you write a contract to protect yourself, your company and your personal assets?

In Module One I'll give you a new insight into contracts and walk you step-by-step through:

  • How to put together a great contract or letter of agreement that fits your specific offer.
  • The elements of a contract, when one is formed, and on what terms.
  • The crucial and optional provisions of a good client contract, including the strange ones at the end.
  • A client contract template - written in plain English instead of legalese - that you can adapt for your very next client.

A good contract doesn’t have to be complicated. My goal is for you to feel comfortable with contracts, whether reading them or creating your own. You don't need to be intimidated by them. Understanding their value and limitations will give you a massive advantage in all your business transactions.

Module Two: How and When to Set Up Your Company

This modules starts with the most important decisions you need to make when forming your business entity. You'll discover the critical information every entrepreneur and start-up needs to know before forming and registering a business. Most people don’t have a clue that these questions exist or that they should be asking them.

After completing Module Two, you'll be clear about...

  • WHY you form an entity. What it PROTECTS you against.
  • WHEN is the best time for you to create your business as a legal entity.
  • HOW to set it up the right way to protect yourself and your assets.
  • TYPES of business entities available and the benefits and drawbacks of each, so you can make an informed decision on the right one for you.

There is no cookie cutter or "one-size-fits-all" approach to this, regardless what you may have heard. You'll understand why and know how to make the right choices for your particular situation.

Module Three: Where to Set Up Your Company

Next we'll move on to the topic of where to set up your entity. There's a lot of misinformation out there about this topic, much of it several years out of date.

In this module I'll demystify all that talk that’s out there about...

  • Which state is best to form your company in to take advantage of lower taxes, business friendly regulations, lower fees, and other benefits.
  • The pros and cons of famous “business friendly” states.
  • Why you might want to take advantage of them, and when you might not.

Your local attorney isn't likely to know this information. I've spent a lot of time researching this for clients with millions of dollars at stake - it's not just a hobby...

Module Four: Live Event - Get it Done

Two days of Live webinar classes where you can ask me questions as you actually form your business entity and create your consulting contract. Practical, no nonsense, straight to the point, get it done now!

The Business Structure event will be held during business hours for all US time zones so that you can make the calls and get what you need right on the spot. The Contract setup will be a separate event. Times and dates will be provided

Testimonial from Joshua Fletcher

Program Structure

Video training to give you the background understanding along with Live "Done with You" Setup.

This format gives you the context and framework to make the best choice for your business, and the guidance to get it done now!

Here's what you will receive with this program:

  • Three video training modules: Each module is broken into several segments to allow easier navigation and absorption. The videos are created to help you get your business and contract set up and rolling even if you know nothing about how to start.
  • Live Done-with-You Setup: Two separate group sessions - one for business set up and the other for creating your client contract - with Faith online and there to answer questions and guide you through the process.
  • Access to The Foundation Membership Area – This is where you will access the training videos, handouts, contract template and all the bonus material.
  • Facebook private members group – This is the place to communicate with other entrepreneurs and business owners who are enrolled in the program. The Facebook group will be active at all times, including during the live Q & A sessions.
  • Cheat Sheets & Checklists - The members’ area for your course will have valuable time-saving handouts and checklists compiled especially for this course.
  • Client Contract Template - A contract template in Word document form that is available for you to download, adapt and use immediately in your client contracts and Letters of Agreement or Letters of Understanding.

Legal Disclaimer

This program is not legal advice; it is a business law course. My specialty is Corporate Law. We do not have a client / attorney relationship unless you employ me with a separate engagement letter. I am licensed as an attorney in California. I will not offer situation specific advice, which is outside the scope of this program. In the Q&A sessions, I will answer questions about the course material and hypotheticals. Each state has its own body of corporate law, and while many statutes are similar (which is why I can create this course to help people across the U.S.) each state also has its own quirks and differences in the law, procedure, regulation, taxes and fees that you will need to take into account.

How Much Is It Worth to Protect Your Assets?

If I took the time to explain all of this to you in person (at the going rate of a qualified corporate lawyer - $450 an hour or more), the cost would easily exceed $1,800.

Another hour to guide you through the setup process? Another $450.

What's a properly structured client contract going to run you? 5 to 10 billable hours. That's $2000 minimum.

This adds up to a value of at least $4250.00 – all for LESS than the cost of two hours with a lawyer face-to-face.

Of course, the biggest value of all is one that can't be calculated. Guarding your business against risking tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in potential losses by covering your bases.

How can I do this? Scalability – leveraging the power of the group. Membership does have its privileges, and having other business contacts who are fighting the same battles offers a lot of advantages. (And you'll know they're smart about risk taking - exactly what you want when looking for collaboration or joint ventures.)

No B.S. Business Structure

Business Law Course

Bullet Proof your business with the No B.S. Business Structure online business law course. Avoid being blind-sided by taxes, lawsuits and other legal liabilities. This four week program will provide the framework for creating the business legal structure that is right for you.

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  • Legal Background
  • Risking Smart
  • Reality Checks
Faith Jones
Creator of The Foundation


J.D., University of California, Boalt Hall School of Law, 2008 (Editor, Berkeley Journal of International Law)

Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service, Georgetown University, 2005 (summa cum laude; Editor-in-Chief, Georgetown Journal of the Environment

Bar Admissions



English, Mandarin Chinese

What Qualifies Me to Teach This Program?

As a corporate attorney, I have spent my career advising businesses on a wide range of legal and business scenarios. I began my career as an attorney with Skadden Arps in its Los Angeles and Hong Kong offices. I was incredibly lucky to have a terrific mentor who allowed me to gain a lot of experience very quickly.

I represented clients in a wide variety of cross-border corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, earn-outs, investor rights, going-private deals, initial public offerings and general corporate matters. One of the more exciting deals I had the privilege of working on was representing the founders of Skype Technologies S.A. in obtaining a $500 million earn out from eBay Inc., and representing Joltid Limited in the sale of Skype by eBay to a private equity consortium.

Faith Jones receives the Top 40 Under 40 M&A Professionals Award for her work as a corporate attorney

After Skadden, I headed up Walton & Walton LLP’s corporate transactional practice, representing clients from start-ups to Fortune 500’s on expansion, joint ventures, partnerships, shareholder matters, marketing, international growth, fund raising and investment pitches.

As a world traveler, I spent much of my early life in South East Asia and speak Mandarin Chinese. I've worked with businesses and government leaders in the Pacific Rim, and use this insight to assist clients in exploiting the unique opportunities available in Asia.

My true passion and focus is working through my company, The Foundation, as a place to effectively create lasting and dramatic, positive results for businesses and individuals. As a Proctor Gallagher Institute certified business consultant, I integrate teachings from the world famous teacher, Bob Proctor, and multi-millionaire internet strategist, David Mills, into my courses to help individuals and business owners build a foundational mindset and strategy for success.

Faith Jones, Certified Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultant, with Bob Proctor

Not Sure if the Course is Right for You?

Great! Asking the right questions is the key to understanding. Questions open up space for learning and expanding boundaries. We attempt to answer some of the common questions below. If yours isn't included, please contact us via our support desk.

Is this course suitable for absolute beginners?

Absolutely. There's no better time than to remove doubt and confusion over how to set up your business structure than when you are just starting out. The clarity and peace of mind you'll gain will allow you to focus on the reason you're starting a business in the first place!

What if I have no background in law or business?

That is perfectly fine. You don't need any background in business or law to take it. It's specifically designed for people who don't have a legal background, and doesn't require any formal business training.

What if I've already set up my business structure?

There are several reasons to take this course even if you have already set up your business structure.

  • It's possible to change your legal structure or move it to a different jurisdiction if you find that makes sense for you.
  • Most entrepreneurs set up multiple businesses over the course of their lives. 
  • The information on creating contracts is worth the entire price of the course.

Will I incur additional costs when setting up my business structure?

Yes, you will incur costs in setting up your business structure. All states have filing fees and annual taxes, and you'll most likely need some sort of assistance in setting up everything once you've determined your best course of action.

These costs will vary by jurisdiction, and other factors that you will learn about in this course. I'll be sharing resources that will help save you money. Some of the online filing services are useful when you know what you are doing. After you complete the course, you'll know how to evaluate your options.

Weighing Your Alternatives

This old commercial from the 80's sums it up perfectly. (Just substitute the word "business" for "engine.")

Pay Me Now

  • Create well structured contracts and agreements that protect your assets.
  • Understand what agreements are construed as contracts, and your legal obligations.
  • Know how, when, and where to set up your business entity. You need to know all three to do it correctly.
  • Minimize your risks for maximum chance of long term success.
  • Look and feel confident and professional in client dealings.

Pay Them Later

  • Risk huge tax hits and fees that can set you back years...
  • Remain vulnerable to lawsuits and legal judgments...
  • Hope that "ignorance is bliss" turns out to be a good strategy...
  • Leave your "blind side" uncovered as you wing your way through the business landscape...
  • Work extra hard to build strong friendships and family relationships just in case...

Four Weeks to a Bullet Proof Business

No B.S. Business Structure

Business Law Course

  • Save on Current and Future Tax Liability and Penalties 
    Know which legal structure to choose, when and where to set it up for maximum tax advantages.
  • Protect Yourself from Potential Lawsuits and Takedowns
    Put together contracts and agreements that protect you from incompetent or unscrupulous clients, as well as unforeseen circumstances. Avoid being blindsided by a lawsuit or legal judgement that can completely take your business and even personal assets out.
  • Come Across as a Competent and Professional Business Owner
    Knowing you've done the best you can to protect your business and your client's and customer's best interests lets you move forward with confidence and stand out from your competition.

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Our No Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds for this business law course. Your investment is paid upfront in full. The price is beyond reasonable for the hours I’ll spend with you on the recorded training videos, as well as the live Q&A session with me each week.

This is not a "how to make money" course or some trick or tactic. It's not something that may or may not work for you. It's factual information based on hours of research and years of professional experience and provided as a professional service. This is an investment in yourself and in your future business success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get individual guidance?

Why no refund?

Is it really this complicated?

What if I've already set up my business?

Will I have additional expenses?

Why are you offering this course?

P.S. Whether you decide to take this course or not, I encourage you not to put off setting up a proper business entity. Likewise, you want to learn as much about the contractual obligations you are entering when you make business agreements, whether you realize it or not.

I've made every effort to create the most efficient and effective way for you to get up to speed on this vital topic quickly and easily. If you still have questions, contact us via our support desk.

Yes, I want to protect my business!